Quibids Review

Quibids Review

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URL: www.Quibids.com

Countries; USA

Canada : Quibids Canada, Click Here 

Established: 2009

Alexa: 2692

Bid Prices: $0.60

Buy It Now Feature: yes

Free Bids: 3

Quibids Review: It is one of the longest standing penny auction websites online. Without a doubt it’s also the largest, as you can tell in our highest trafficked penny auction sites rankings. These guys were one of the first people to introduce penny auctions on a large scale, and as you can tell from their homepage there is a ton of auctions going on at any given time, even late at night. That’s because they have all sorts of members from many places and enough volume to fill up dozens of auctions at the same time. That’s one good thing about the penny auction business model, it really scales up easy.

Quibids reviews

Quibids Review Pros and Cons


– You can earn free bids at Quibids.com by referring your friends. You get 25 free bids for every person you refer (who also makes a purchase). In order for your freebies to be credited to your account, you must have already made at least one real money purchase.

– BBB accredited penny auction site. Quibids is easily one of the most legit penny auctions out there, and they have been going strong for years. There are literally thousands of people on Youtube opening their sent winnings.


– Quibids is not open to every country

– Can only use 25 free bids from refer a friend if you’ve already made a purchase. They should change that. Would you make a salesman buy the product before he tried to sell it in a normal day job?

Quibids Refer A Friend

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Quibids is one of those sites that offers you 25 free bids for every new and paying customer that you bring to them. As mentioned above, you can only get these credits if you yourself have already made a purchase.

One interesting thing to note is that Quibids has plenty of free advice and articles on their site. I’d advise you to read over most of it before you even get started playing for real money. Is Quibids a scam? They say that they get that question sometimes by people who don’t know the rules, or fall into the top 3 beginner’s mistakes. They go over the top 3 mistakes in one of the top articles on the site, so new users don’t have the same fate.

The video below goes over how Quibids.com penny auctions actually work, because at this point you might be a little bit confused. Another great reason you will like Quibids is that they are one of the few penny auctions with buy it now options on their auctions.

If you have your own Quibids.com review that you’d like to add to the site, simply post it below. All comments are moderated on a daily basis, so keep the language relatively clean. There are so many positive reviews of this site on the net, and you’d think with so many members you’d see more Quibids complaints. You really don’t come across them so often. We always appreciate the star rating systems that you can add below, so thanks if you do contribute.

Some people when they first see this site think to themselves, is Quibids a scam or real? How does Quibids work? And how can they make money? It’s often times pretty surprising to see a site giving away items at such a low price, however, you know that in the long run that this penny auction site is making a lot of money, even if they do take losses on several items a day.

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  1. Quibids is great site, just keep refreshing until you find an auction that has only 1 or 2 bidders. That’s where you win.

  2. Quibids is definitely my favorite site, because like I tell everyone, I only use it when I want to buy something. More often than not I will get a certain % off, and if not, I use the Bin option. For that reason alone, I only play on penny auctions with the BIN feature.

    – Amad

  3. Thanks for the input @Paulo and @Amad! We also feel that Quibids is now the #1 penny auction site, and if you are in the market for something, check there first! Their BIN feature is a great saving grace for many penny auction players 😉

  4. Let me also add to the 5 stars this site is getting. When it comes to penny auction sites, Quibids.com is the master and all others are the students!

  5. #1 site by far!!! BIN rules.

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