Quibids Promo Codes November – December 2013

Quibids Promo Codes November – December 2013

This page will list all of the discount codes, coupons and special promotions that are happening at Quibids.com during the 2013 holiday season. We’ll put down any November/December 2013 promo codes as well.

Current 2013 Quibids Promo Codes

Click on any of the below coupon codes for Quibids to activate them and be taken to a special landing page. You will see place to enter these special codes in the far bottom right. Act now and you’ll even get an additional 3 totally free bids on the house. Quibids is easily one of the top penny auction sites in the world and they continue to be a great place to get deals for Christmas 2013.

Are The Quibids Coupons For New Users Only?

Yes, these Quibids coupons are for new users to the site only. Like we have mentioned earlier, there is no need for codes to try to get a few extra bids out of the deal. The real strategy is to buy your bids and make sure you don’t waste them. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Want to automatically activate the latest Quibids promo code 2013? The newest one on hand? The Quibids promo codes can change very quickly even from day to day, but there is good news. You can click the big red button below, and you will automatically be taken back to Quibids.com. Then, once on the site, follow the next steps in order to get your promo code bonus for Quibids:

Step 1: Click here to open Quibids with the latest promo activated. 

Have you done that yet? It’s very important.

Step 2: Scroll down all the way to the bottom right of the homepage – enter your details. You don’t enter the 2013 qui bids promo code just yet, but you can click “subscribe to newsletter” which will get you an additional 3 free bids.

Step 3: On the second page of registrationn, found here, you can finally enter the Quibids promo code of WINNOW or WINTODAY. These are both ongoing Qui bids promotional codes which are known to work year round. We will also give you any additional Quibids promo codes that could be useful to you, as they come.

At the end of the day, you don’t actually really need to use these Quibids promo codes because the deals are already on the site, and in spade. These will give you an extra 10 Bonus quibids bids, but that is about the max bonus you will see.

In addition to the Quibids promo codes that you see, you can also find all about the current promotions that are going on at the site by clicking the link below.

Click here for current Quibids promos!

Quibids Promo Codes Continued

In this section we are going to list any and all additional Quibids promo codes for 2013, especially for the upcoming spring and summer promos. We expect to see lots of bonus bids and free perks given out to the loyal customers of Quibids.com in the coming months.

Do You Really Need A Quibids Promo Code?

Many people wonder what exactly is the point of a Quibids promo code if in fact they only get you 10 Free bids? Many people think that you will get those 10 free bid with no strings attached, but that rarely happens in this world! You only get those 10 Free Quibids bids, if you are actually making a real money purchase. Though, you do get to use 3 free bids just for signing up to their newsletter, and that doesn’t require an actual deposit. The truth is you don’t really need the extra bids, but lots of people certainly go looking for them as soon as they see the section entitled “Quibids promo code“.

If you are going to sign up to any penny auction site, this is indeed a good one to do! With or without a Quibids promo code, you will be well on your way to getting up to 95% in savings!

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