Happy Bid Day Review

Happy Bid Day Review

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Happy Bid Day Review (www.HappyBidDay.com): One of the fastest growing and highly praised online penny auctions is HappyBidDay.com. With their reputation as a legit penny auction site growing, and a large selection of amazing things to win on a daily basis, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You can also get 50 Free bids signing up using a Happy Bid Day promo code as well.

Each auction at Happy Bid Day starts at $0.01, and then increases by 1 cent for every bid placed. You have to pre-buy these bids in packs, although they do give you 50 Free bids for their happy auctions section. After you win an auction, it’s very simple to get your item shipped and luckily they are known as having the fastest shipping in the industry.

So is Happy Bid Day legit? The thousands of people who have got up to 95% off on high end items and gift cards certainly think so. This site has been around for a long time and is still going strong, and that’s certainly always a good sign. They also have a refer a friend program which allows you to get 30 free bids for every friend that you refer to the site. It’s a way that you can quickly stack up bids to use as a strategy for large ticket items. Learning how to get free bids on HappyBidday is another superb way to keep your auction bids up while keeping the wallet fat.

If you want a clearer instruction on how to win and play on Happy Bid Day, watch the above video coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Happy Bid Day Review: Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the additional benefits you get by signing up with Happy Bid Day penny auctions.

– Registration is quick and easy, and takes less than a minute.

– 2 types of auctions available , penny auctions and “happy auctions”

– Rewards program with no purchase necessary

– 50 Free bids for Happy auctions

– Bidrunner: Happy Bid Day’s auto bidding option is called Bidrunner, which has a number of settings which you change to your preferences. With this cool tool you don’t even need to be watching that particular auction or even be at the computer to win. It’s an extremely effective method if you know how to use it properly, and many people use it at Happy Bid Day. Reviews of this auto bidder have been very good.

With HappyBidDay auctions, there are live auctions going on 7 days a week, and it really gives you the chance to get some seriously big discounts. While it’s not one of the most high trafficked sites, they are for sure getting up there in the recent months.

Happy Bid Day Free Bids

With Happy Bid Day you get 50 Free

bids on registration. It’s an extra added thank you for signing up and taking a look around their site. To get your 50 Free bids bonus all you need to do is click the join button at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions provided. It will only take about 30 seconds to sign up and get your free bids at HappyBidday.com.

More Happy Bid Day Reviews

If you have a review of Happy Bid Day, please leave it below. We will try to accumulate the most HappyBidDay.com customer reviews that we can, so you can really get the full picture. If you haven’t tried it yet, use the join now button below to see why everyone likes this site so much. We have also included an easy to use Happy Bid Day auction rating system so you can tell us how you really feel with the click of a mouse.


  1. This one is a freaking gem! now that I have won so much from this site, I don’t feel bad in letting other people know. It is heavily funded so they don’t even care that some items are practically stolen. While they are building at least…

  2. If you haven’t tried Happy yet, I suggest you do. THere is no better auction site right now to get great deals, the competition doesn’t know what they are doing here. Nuff said.

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