Dealdash Promo Codes 2014

Dealdash Promo Codes 2014


deal dash auctionsWelcome to Dealdash Promo codes 2014 central, where all the latest promotions and special events going on at this world class penny auction will be listed. It seems to be a never ending competition between major penny bidding sites as to who can run the best promo, and is no stranger to this.

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2014 DealDash Promo, Bonus, Coupon Codes


Some of the promos require Dealdash promo codes, however, most of the time their offers are sitewide. Click below to find the absolute max current deal you can get as a reader of this site. If you’re not familiar with the site yet, you can read our customer¬†Deal Dash reviews.

Click here to see the CURRENT bonus (max).
To start the year off, Deal Dash really launched a huge savings event, clearing out their 2012 inventory to make room for the 2014 stuff. They offered bids at 13 cents each (still currently going on as of this writing, actually) which is a huge 75%+ savings from their normal bids price of 60 cents. In addition to this great savings in bid prices, there are also an influx of auctions going on daily in every category in the site. Cheaper bids plus more auctions equally many more opportunities to win.

Tips To Use

Tips: Just because you can get bids cheaper now does not mean you should use them frivolously! That is one of the biggest mistakes that people make during this promo. Still bid with the same strategy you would use if you paid full price of the bids. Remember that everyone can grab the same deal that you did so you need to outsmar them, and luckily, that is not too difficult.

In 2014 you will be looking at all sorts of brand name products, especially electronics and household items. There are the usual gift cards as well, and you will be happy to know that DealDash has plenty of different values from low to high, giving everyone of all budgets equal chances to participate. All through out Deal Dash you will find that they are very, very noob friendly and a perfect penny auction site for the beginner who is just getting their feet wet.

More Codes To Come

They don’t usually use bonus codes anymore, but you can rest assured that you’ll be taken to a special landing page by clicking the exclusive blue links on this page!

We will always update this page with new 2014 Deal Dash coupons and codes, so make sure too bookmark this page or like it on Facebook so you can come back to it in the future, the next time you want to make a bid pack purchase at Right now there is the March Madness b-ball tourney going on, and like many other penny auctions, Deal Dash is running an event with slashed prices as well.

Join DealDash and grab your bonus!

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  1. Nice bonus, got 1/3rd of the price just by clicking on that banner!

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